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“Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone's day.” 




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  Mukhtaran Rafiq Foundation

We are short of fund and not able to complete this mega project without help of well wisher. I have requested many well wishers to come forward and help us to make the hospital better. In the name of humanity; we would most humbly request your good self to please generously donate us.

All cash donations are accepted in favour of M/S Mukhtaran Rafiq Foundation.

You can send us your Zakat / Donation through

Cash / Cheque / Draft On hospital reception

Online Transfer / Pay Order

(In favour of Mukhtaran Rafiq Foundation)

Muslim Commercial Bank
Mukhtaran Rafiq Foundation (Regd.)
Ghari Shahu Branch  Lahore.                                                      
A/C # 10018136  Swift Code:MUCBPKKAA                                                     

Bank Alfalah Limited
Mukhtaran Rafiq Foundation (Regd.)
0524 Mughal Pura Branch Lahore.
A/C # 524-020-084945-01
Swift Code: ALFHPKKA524


  You’ve Helped Raise…

Help Our Efforts To Provide Quality EDUCATION | HEALTH

“Helping the poors is the best thing one can do as a human being”.

“when we die we will not be judged by the money we have earn’t but the human we’ve helped and MUKHTARAN RAFIQ FOUNDATION is on its way”.

"There are many people waiting for your help, MUKHTARAN RAFIQ FOUNDATION is
doing it’s part and everyone is welcome to contribute”






Mukhtaran Rafiq Foundation