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About Us

"Our Prime mission is to provide excellent care to the poor with compassion and highest level of quality at all the times"

The sun is the source of energy, turns dark night into bright day when rises. Birds start singing, luster every where and life after sleep wake up and begin to move like previous day. The great circle of life continues.                   

In human life, the noble deed is one the strongest sprit that supersedes good on the evil; poverty, ignorance, and indigence vanishes and results into a healthy society.

Allah knows very well about us and about our noble deeds, He knows what is inside our heart. There are several ways to help others in the way of Allah, one of them is Sadqa-e-Jariah, means to help the Allah’s creation in such a way that they can utilize it for a long time like provide proper drug and treatment to those people who can't afford proper treatment and medicine as it is beyond their reach. We tried to help the poor and needy without any differences and tried to grow their activities with high level of enhancement, our desire of helping others is now increasing day by day.       

We dreamed to build a hospital with complete medical facilities and taking care of all type of illness. So, we have purchased the 12 marala piece of land (Plot) to build a comprehensive and well equipped hospital. Our dream is going to be true; the hospital construction going to be start soon with quality and speed.

Insha Allah, hospital will start working very soon and people nearby will get a world class service round the clock. The location of the hospital is ideal and it covers most of the poor areas like Canal Bank Scheme, Salamat Pura, Sami Town, Herbans Pura, Qalandar Pura and other near areas. The total population is more than half million and most of them have living standard below the poverty line, this hospital will cater them all. This will not only reduce their travelling expenses but they will get free treatment of medicine.

Dear friends, if Allah desires I will endeavor to make the hospital comparable to any expensive private hospital. Hospital will also have its own Pharmacy providing round the clock service and will be able to provide medicine of all type.                                        
MRWH hospital’s Administration team will perform their duties with high standard professionalism and principle. Other team like paramedical staff will also be a group of highly professional and experience personnel filled with love and care. INSAHALLAH we will provide all kind of clinical services.

We have faith in Allah that with the courage and strength we will definitely overcome the obstacles and hindrances that may come in our way to achieve the noble cause to help the poor and deprived people of this area. May Allah help us to continue such work!!