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Health for All” is a very beautiful and motivating social slogan which is raised by the Governments and is seldom realized in its true manifestation and perspective. Acquisition of basic health care and facilities is a basic human right but governments always find difficult to provide health to everyone. Paucity of resources has always been taken as a hindrance in the way. Even Governments of developed countries like America is unable provide health facilities to every one what to talk about the developing countries. Under the scenario the importance of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) has increased manifold as they are mostly engaged in social sector activities like provision of basic health care to a certain community / area / locality although it may be on a smaller scale. There are also some socio cultural berries, which do not allow government to deliver social services. Remote and hard areas remain out of the reach of the Government. NGOs have roots in the community and have edge to reach the communities in a better fashion. Governments encourage NGOs to help them out and like to join their hands with them for delivery of services.

With the above background, Mukhtaran Rafiq Foundation (MRF) independent, non-political, non-profitable and non-governmental social welfare voluntary organizations aimed at making a difference in the lives of people and make a world a better place to live in intends to establish a hospital in Canal Bank Scheme, Fateh Garh, Aziz Bhatti Town is located 15 km far from Lahore City. The population of the Canal Bank Scheme, Fateh Garh, Aziz Bhatti Town and the adjoining areas is about half a million. The whole area is extremely un-privileged greatly lacking in the accessible and latest medical facilities. According to the survey conducted recently almost all the people expressed their long lasting desire of having a accessible latest hospital so that they can live a healthy life, save the lives of their loved ones and not see them dying helpless on the death bed and have shown their readiness for contribution in the form of moral and financial support