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Future Plans

We at Mukhtaran Rafiq Welfare Hospital, aim to provide health care services to the society. We are committed to build and sustain this hospital as innovative service unit wherein quality is the hallmark in pursuit of excellence in all our endeavors.

We dreamed to build a hospital with complete medical facilities and taking care of all type of illness. So, we have purchased the 12 marala piece of land (Plot) to build a comprehensive and well equipped hospital. Our dream is going to be true; the hospital construction going to be start soon with quality and speed.

Insha Allah, hospital will start working very soon and people nearby will get a world class service round the clock. The location of the hospital is ideal and it covers most of the poor areas like Canal Bank Scheme, Salamat Pura, Sami Town, Herbans Pura, Qalandar Pura and other near areas. The total population is more than half million and most of them have living standard below the poverty line, this hospital will cater them all. This will not only reduce their travelling expenses but they will get free treatment of medicine.

Permanent Building will be provided to Mukhtaran Rafiq Welfare Hospital, earlier accommodated in rented building.

Future Plans

  1. Holding of Medical camps in different areas lacking in the availability of accessible Medical Facilities from time to time for treatment and need assessment
  2. Poor People Enhancement Program Under this program different packages for the poor people will be introduced to help them come out of the deep and dark shadow of poverty
  3. Basic food items Package
  4. Accessible Educational Facilities Package
  5. Educational + Vocational Training +Income Generation Package
  6. Donations/ Gift scheme for very poor people those living below the line of poverty.